Yes, on both our Premium and Premium Plus account your first month is free.

Try signing out of your iTunes account in settings>store and try the upgrade again. Most if the time that will solve the problem. Contact us if the problem persists.

Yes, we support more then 150 000 tickers (stocks, ETFs, futures, indices, mutual funds, currency pairs, warrants, crypto and bonds). If you can add it in the app, we support it.

There are a few reasons why a ticker is missing. The ticker symbol might be changed. The company was acquired or filed for bankruptcy. Or security has switched exchanges.

We suppport the 60 biggest stock exchanges around the world. Like Chicago Board of Trade (CBT), Chicago Merctantile Exchange (CME) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), Sao Paolo Stock Exchange (BOVESPA), London Stock Exchange (LSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BO) and National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKG) and Chinese stock exchanges (SHZ, SHH), European exchanges (including Germany, France, Amsterdam etc), Melbourne Stock Exchange and many others ... If you can add it in the app we support it.

No, even if you don't have the app open you will still receive alerts, saving you battery drain. We do recommend that you regularly open the app, so we know on which device we need to deliver the alerts.

All stock updates are automatically pushed/displayed as they are available, not requiring you to do anything to refresh. We like it simple. If you like you can 'pull down' in your portfolio to force a refresh.

Yes, there is a minimum 15 minutes delay in trade information. We are currently working on real time information for a 'pro' account, contact us if you would be interested.

Yes, there is a limitation of 3 stocks for free accounts, 20 for Premium accounts and 100 for Premium Plus accounts.

No, you can receive as many alerts as you need.

The free version supports Price and Change Percentage to set an alert on. The premium versions have no limitations. If you don't see the desired field in the list, it is because that field is not available for that stock. If you require any other fields, currently not in the app, let us know via the feedback form, so we can check if we can design it.

If for any reason you are billed twice, try cancelling the inferior subscription (Unfortunately we can't do this for you). See "How to cancel my subscription" below for more information on how to cancel.

For a premium account payments are billed monthly, for Premium Plus quarterly. You are billed untill you cancel your subscription via your google or itunes account.

We are very sorry to see you leave. You can read how to cancel your subscription for android here or for ios here. Your current subscription will not end immediately but after the expiration of your last payment.

If your question remains unanswered, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can and if needed update this FAQ.